What Does an Impact Physician Believe?

Impact Physician believes the following core principles:

  1. Being an Impact Physician is a mindset; a mindset that includes decision-making that considers the stakeholder view, rather than only a shareholder view.
  2. By combining business ownership with the art of medicine, an Impact Physician can provide both impact (benefit to others) and profit (benefit to self). And both are good. And, it’s not only good, but it’s righteous, both in the scriptural sense and how a surfer uses the word as they are shredding an epic wave. (Righteous!)
  3. Free market capitalism is the best economic system for impact-oriented physician-business owners to create impact and enjoy the fruits of their labor (profit) however they choose.
  4. An Impact Physician does not reject the notion of charity, but neither does the Impact Physician reject pursuing one’s own self-interest.
  5. An Impact Physician believes that pursuing one’s own Righteous Path is the key to impact. There are three parts to an Impact Physician’s Righteous Path:
      • Purpose – the pursuit of one’s calling
      • Passion – the love for and/or enjoyment of one’s work
      • Profit – it’s beyond sustainability; if there is not profit, there is no abundance
  1. Physician – and not providers – should be celebrated. Especially Impact Physicians
  2. The struggles of Physicians are rarely understood by those who are not Physicians. These struggles can even be greater for impact-oriented Physicians. Impact Physicians know that these struggles can be overcome by having access to both resources and community.
  3. Impact Physicians are not alone. The path of an Impact Physician does not have to be a lonely one.

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  • The Impact Physician Blog – Topics that are relevant to doctors interested in becoming an Impact Physician, how to take the steps necessary to combine business ownership with the art of medicine to you find a better quality of life for you and your family, and much more.



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