Welcome to the Revolution

The science, practice, and business of medicine has been stolen from physicians. Yes, even the business of medicine. Actually, it’s the business of medicine has ESPECIALLY been stolen.

It’s not the fault of today’s doctor; but it is now their responsibility. Unfortunately, many physicians have been complicit through the years.

Doctors have been incentivized to see as many patients in a day that he or she can. The doctor has been “institutionalized” in their thinking, whether they are in their own practice or employed by a hospital or group.

Physicians became “Providers,” or simply cogs in a wheel. This has led many physicians to feel like a rat on a wheel in  a cage.

Seeing patients for only 8 minutes or less may be an efficient way tot see as many patients in one day as possible, but it is no way to truly care for patients.

While it’s an efficient way to run a business and collect data in the aggregate, it is definitely not the most effective way to practice the art of medicine.

We believe – and we think you will too – that the future of medicine is very different than the way it is now.

What’s the solution?

Physicians need to steal medicine back.

But how?

The practice of medicine is at the intersection of science, medicine, and business.

All three are equally important.

Therefore, the concept of Stealing Medicine Back must start with a mindset of what the practice of medicine is, and/or what it can become.

Everyone assumes that science and medicine go together; fewer and fewer people, however, understand that medicine and business go together.

Not big business and big corporations like Big Pharma and Big Devices.

Real business, like small business. And Similar to the way Dr’s offices used to be.

Medicine and business do go together; but most physicians, throughout the 20th Century (and now deep into the 21st) ignored the business of medicine; that’s how medicine was stolen from them.

Yes, physicians were allowed to specialize, and with that specialization came an increase in incomes across all specialties. But at what cost?

The current system is unsustainable. Unless physicians learn to do things differently, their incomes are going to start declining.

It would be a surprise if, as a doctor, you haven’t already felt the pressure from hospital administrators and insurance companies.

The groups that stole medicine from physicians are now telling physicians that their incomes are too high!

Can you believe this? But it’s true!

These thieves of medicine are also telling physicians that they are now going to be responsible for patient outcomes, regardless of a patient’s health or compliance to “doctor’s orders.”

And if that’s not enough, compensation – a doctor’s income – is being tied directly to patient outcomes.

At the end of the day, helping physicians use business ownership – and the art of medicine – to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their patients requires the mindset of profit seeking

Regardless of what you may have been led to believe, seeking a profit is not evil. What is evil, is when people seek a profit by phony means.

By not allowing for a true, free market in the health care industry, politicians and health insurance company executives are some of the biggest, phoniest, fake capitalists there are.

Capitalism, as an economic system, isn’t evil. In fact, capitalism – true, free market capitalism – is the only economic system based on free choice; it is, ultimately, the free exchange of ideas, goods, and services.

Using business ownership and capitalism is good. And, almost counterintuitively, free market profit seeking actually brings about the most amount of good for society. It aligns economic incentives through competition – and drives down costs!

It is an economic fact that when products or services are subsidized – or required – by the government they become more expensive.

There is no free market in Hospital Services or Medical Care. That’s why prices keep going up.

But this is almost revolutionary thought!

But when you look at revolutions, change usually starts because someone or some group can “no longer take it any more.”

Revolutions start small, as movements, and then they grow

There is a revolution that is starting to take place in medicine. More and more doctors are waking up to the fact that they, themselves, have been wronged. And because of this, these doctors are starting to also realize that they are, quite possibly, harming their patients.


At first, a revolutionary movement may be seen as nothing more than an annoyance. Then, if the energy and conviction is strong enough, the annoyance becomes bothersome to those in power. (Those in power – the crony capitalists who are in the insurance industry, hospital administrations, government workers are likely barely even slightly annoyed where things are right now.)

When something is bothersome, the counter attacks begin. We’re reaching this point. Some insurance companies and hospital organizations are starting to use the same language of the doctors in the revolution, but it is disguised. It is, for all intents and purposes, a counter attack. Again, if there is enough energy and conviction, the movement continues.

When those in power begin to realize that the movement is not going away and this new movement is starting to hurt the bank accounts of those in charge, these crony capitalists will start to try and hurt those in the movement financially.

So far, this battle is being fought through proxies. That is, the 21st Century guilds – organizations that claim to be “for doctors” but act in the benefit of the crony capitalists, you know who they are –  fighting and claiming to help doctors when in fact they are stifling, at best, and detrimental to the long-term benefit of the Physicians’ profession, while encouraging Providers.

Doctors are already starting to feel the pressures by those in power. But this is only the beginning.

Some might say we are already here; but it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Many talk about getting out of “the matrix.”  — If you haven’t already, get out of the matrix now. It’s going to become harder and harder to get out as this revolution advances.

There is a growing movement of doctors who are trying to “take medicine back.”


But it’s hard to change your mind about something when it’s all you’ve ever known. With that, it’s easier shifting one’s mindset than actually doing the “taking.”

However, medicine is there for the taking.

It’s probably going to be more difficult than just “taking” it. It’s actually going to be a violent and bloody revolution. Anyone who doesn’t think this is fooling themselves. (The violence and blood are metaphors for losing jobs and money.)

Physicians are going to have to steal medicine back.

Do you really think that the 3rd parties – insurance companies, hospital administrators, pharma companies, politicians, etc – are simply going to give up medicine without a fight because the “providers” want their dignity back?

It’s not just a mindset shift, although a shift in mindset is a great start. This mindset shift starts with the transition from “provider” to “physician.” The best will actually move “beyond physician” and actually become a medical advisor, being compensated for their advice and not the drugs they provide or surgery they perform.

It’s going to take a new approach – a new system – and one that will be employed at the intersection of science, medicine, and business.

Revolutions are bloody, And this is likely to be the bloodiest revolution we’ve known in our lifetimes. Primarily because there is a so much money at stake.

Are you ready for the fight?

Are you willing and able to see beyond your life?

This is as much a movement for the future of medicine as it is for the present.

And it’s not just for Physicians.

It’s for patients as well.

Are you ready for the fight?

If so, welcome to the Revolution!