Impact Physician University Courses

Along with the free Blogs, Podcasts, and eBook, Impact Physician offers, through the Impact Physician Institute, Courses, Webinars, Q&A Sessions and/or Interviews with experts, professors, physicians, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Below is a relatively short listing of the Impact Physician University Classes and Courses that we anticipate will begin to be offered beginning in late 2021:

  • Introduction to Economics for Physician-Business Owners
  • Understanding, Knowing, and Using Your Core Story
  • Who and Who are NOT Your Advisors
  • Understanding the Financial and Economic Forces Affecting You and Your Business
  • Understanding and Managing Your Business’ Equity and Debt
  • Selling Without Being a “Salesperson”
  • How Wealth is Created
  • Understanding Human Decision-Making
  • The Business Life Cycle
  • The Importance of Operating Documents

For a list of Levels, Access, and Fees, click on Impact Physician Membership Levels