Impact Physician Services

We offer a variety of services for Impact Physicians:

Impact Physician Institute – An online education platform that bridges the academic with the practical. Designed to help physician-business owners understand a variety of aspects of business ownership, investing, and operating in a complex economic environment. (Courses begin in 2019)

Impact Physician Coaching – Whether you’re building a foundation under the castle you’ve built in the sky or you have yet to “break ground” on your new venture, Impact Coaching can help you build what needs to be built. An Impact Coach works in an advisory role and helps you as a “problem definer.”

Impact Physician Mastermind Groups – A Mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of the other members of the group. Members of a mastermind group are challenged, encouraged, and advised by the other members of the group. These groups are led and facilitated by an Impact Coach.

Impact Physician “Overcoming Obstacles” Workshop – These workshops are designed as a companion to the eBook that we’ll be publishing in 2019. The book, Overcoming the Obstacles Keeping Physicians from Achieving Business Success, is a series of 15 obstacles that keep physicians from achieving success in business. This is a 48 hour workshop (Thursday at 6 pm to Saturday at 6 pm) that will give you what you need to overcome obstacles and set solid foundations under your business. The first “Overcoming Obstacles” workshop will be in 2019. Becoming an Impact Physician Member is free and allows you to keep track of future Impact Physician announcements and offers.

Resource Management – Both business and personal success involves the management and coordination across a diverse set of groups, circumstances, and advisors, all with different areas of expertise, points of views, interests, and objectives. Navigating this environment requires time, resources, research, and the ability to filter. Through resource management, RM2 Impact helps clients understand, manage, protect, and grow their resources and includes planning, advising, consulting, and implementation. An Impact Consultant works with you as a “problem solver.”

RHM – After 6 years of focusing on, learning, challenging, asking, advising, and implementing in the business of regenerative medicine, coupled with almost 25 years of advising, building, and growing businesses, we have developed a system built specifically for physicians who want to own their own business and use their skills in the art of medicine. This is done through what we call Regenerative Health Management. This turn-key business system and advisory platform allows physicians the opportunity to navigate the business of regenerative medicine while helping patients understand, manage, protect, and better their health.

Impact Physician Podcasts – We love to telling the stories of, and highlight, impact physicians who are using business ownership and the art of medicine to make an impact in the lives of others while also seeking a profit for themselves. We also highlight the different kinds of physician-business owners as well as others who are working hard to make a positive impact in the lives of physicians. The first Impact Physician Podcast will be launched at the end of August 2018.

Impact Physician eBooks – Impact Physician will be releasing 2 free ebooks in 2019. You must become an Impact Physician Member (it’s free) in order to be able to download any of the free eBooks. Upon becoming an Impact Physician Member, you will be able to download the free eBook A Unique Way of Thinking: Business Ownership and the Art of Medicine.