Resource Management

Both business and personal success involves management and coordination across a diverse set of groups, circumstances, and advisors, all with different areas of expertise, points of view, interests, and objectives. Navigating this environment requires time, resources, research, and the ability to filter.

Resource Management emphasizes the creation, maintenance, and monitoring of your strategic plan to help you understand, manage, protect and grow your resources. Resource Management also includes working with your other advisors (and vendors, if necessary) to implement planning recommendations.

Impact Physician offers Resource Management services under the RM2 Impact brand and includes aspects of planning, advising, consulting, and implementation.

Our resources managers do this by:

  • Assisting in decision-making
  • Helping manage relationships
  • Helping protect against inconsistent and/or incongruent advice and information
  • Providing strategic guidance
  • Providing an external sounding board
  • Providing independent, “buy side” advice
  • Helping navigate the complexities of business ownership

But that’s where most consultants stop.

Many physician-business owners, after working with a consultant, feel more confused and alone than before. That’s because they thought they had hired a consultant, when instead they were working with an advisor – a problem definer – rather than a problem solver.

While a really good advisor will help you see things long before you’re even thinking about them, a really good consultant is going to help you implement your plan. When you work with an RM2 resource manager you’ll know that you are not alone. Sure, we’ll help you better-define your problems and help you build a plan; but we’re going to help you implement it as well.

RM2 offers several resource management packages, depending on the needs of the physician-business owner. Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation.