Providers are White Coat Factory Workers

Most doctors are stuck in an Industrial Revolution mindset.

The second half of the 20th century was an anomaly relative to all of human history. Not just the technological advancements, but the idea that, in the future, if we worked hard and put in our time, we would have a great reward sometime in the future.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not a Luddite that wishes the industrial revolution never happened. Neither do I want to go back to the way things were before the industrial revolution. It’s hard to argue with the idea that we are likely living in the greatest time in human history.

When societies progress, it is because they are standing on the shoulders of those that came before them. And while technologies and therapies continue to advance, most have a mindset that is for technology from 50 years ago.

Here’s what I mean:

The industrial revolution gave rise to blue collar workers, who worked in factories, and created products. The last 50 years or so has given rise to the white collar factory workers, who have worked in a different kind of factory, creating data. Unfortunately, doctors have become white coat factory workers; creating data has become more important than helping their patients heal. 

These white coat factory workers (doctors) are stuck doing something that they hate because they think if they labor and suffer now, it will one day “pay off.” This is becoming less and less likely for doctors.

Over the next couple of decades, two systems will develop and coexist, side-by-side.

And you will have a choice:

Do you want to be a white coat factory worker, who may or may not be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots, or do you want to control your own destiny?

In order to make an impact on the lives of their patients, real physicians will cease to be white coat factory workers and will combine their skills in the art of medicine with business ownership. This will allow physicians the opportunity to make a profit – in both time and money – for themselves.

Is it possible that technology is now more advanced than the human mindset? For many, unfortunately, the answer is yes. However, it is still possible, for physicians to change their mindset, get out of the Matrix of Modern Medicine, and take control of their future. (Watch Webinar #3: Escaping the Matrix of Modern Medicine.)

Are you ready to get out of the Industrial Revolution mindset?

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