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The Impact Physician Podcast has been designed and developed to deal with 5 main objectives:

1. To advocate for free market capitalism in the medical and healthcare industries

2. To promote the combination of business ownership and the art of medicine

3. To educate physicians on what business options they actually have

4. To celebrate and highlight impact physicians in the United States and around the world.

5. To provide resources to help impact physicians navigate the complexities of business ownership by helping them understand, manage, protect, and grow their business and personal resources.

Stealing Medicine Back Video Podcast Series

  1. Stealing Medicine Back
    • In the 1st part of a 5-part series, we explore the idea that Medicine has been stolen. The noble profession of medicine has most definitely been hijacked. The science, practice, and especially the business of medicine has been stolen from physicians. But do we need to steal medicine back?
  2. Is There Hope for Real Physicians?
    • It is really bad for Physicians right now. It’s really no wonder why Physicians are unhappy, frustrated, burned out, and angry. BOTH Patients AND Physicians desire the same thing: Better relationships…are there any real options for real Physicians?
  3. A Transformation for Physicians
    • Just as no airplane can take off without a flight plan and no ship can sail without a plotted course, no Doctor can contemplate contemplate a successful transition from “provider” to “Physician” without a comprehensive plan. No one plans to fail; people simply fail to plan.
  4. Escaping the Matrix of Modern Medicine
    • We must escape the Matrix of Modern Medicine, because if we do not, Physicians are going to be replaced by algorithms and robots. Physicians need to adapt or die; we do this by realizing what VALUE we actually offer to patients. How does a REAL Physician escape the Matrix of Modern Medicine? Physician, heal thyself?
  5. A Real Opportunity for Real Physicians
    • Ultimately, a real Physician must first choose themselves before they can escape the Matrix of Modern Medicine. You must choose to transform your life into something you can be proud of. If you would like to learn how to choose yourself, you should attend the Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat. We guarantee you will find so much value in the Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat that we will give you your money-back if you are not completely satisfied.

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