Impact Physician Podcasts

The Impact Physician Podcast has been designed and developed to deal with 5 main objectives:

1. To advocate for free market capitalism in the medical and healthcare industries

2. To promote the combination of business ownership and the art of medicine

3. To educate physicians on what business options they actually have

4. To celebrate and highlight impact physicians in the United States and around the world.

5. To provide resources to help impact physicians navigate the complexities of business ownership by helping them understand, manage, protect, and grow their business and personal resources.

Impact Physician Podcast #4 – Dr. Brian Dixon, Physician-CEO, Physician Advocate, Impact Entrepreneur 

Dr. Brian Dixon, a Physician-CEO, discusses his many projects, life as a physician, the future of healthcare, and what it’s like to beat burnout in his own life.


Impact Physician Podcast #3 – Dr. Judy Thompson, Independent Physician, Physician Advocate

Dr. Judy Thompson discusses her role as a Physician Advocate, how she became a Physician Advocate, and her involvement in, and leadership of, Practicing Physicians of America.

Impact Physician Podcast #2 – Dr. Chris Durham, Physician-Entrepreneur

The life of a Physician-Entrepreneur with Dr. Chris Durham, owner of Bluegrass Preventive Medicine, Rebound Recovery, and several other projects.

Impact Physician Podcast #1 – Introduction to the Impact Physician Podcast and Platform

Impact Physician Founder and Chief Evangelist, Mark Aubry, discusses the Impact Physician Platform and how it can help physicians navigate the complexities of business ownership.