Impact Physician Podcast #1 – Introduction to the Impact Physician Podcast and Platform

Impact Physician Podcast – Episode #1 – Introduction to the Impact Physician Podcast and Platform

Impact Physician Founder and Chief Evangelist, Mark Aubry, discusses the Impact Physician Platform and why it is necessary for those physicians who are looking to navigate the complexities of business ownership.

Mark Aubry is the founder and Chief Evangelist of Impact Physician; contributor, co-founder, and Chief Evangelist of Impact Capitalist; and founder and CEO of RHM Impact, a company that is helping patients and physicians navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine.

Mark believes strongly in the virtues of free market capitalism and its incredible potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people.

An entrepreneur and business owner his entire adult life, Mark founded and ran his first business 25 years ago while a university undergrad. For the last 20 years, Mark has focused on building businesses that provide strategic guidance to entrepreneurs, business owners, and physicians by helping them understand, manage, protect, and grow their resources. Mark has done this in the fields of construction, wealth management, consulting, telecommunications, biotechnology, and medicine.

Also an educator, as a teacher and adjunct professor, Mark has taught Economics, Psychology, Business Management, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

While developing Impact Capitalist, Mark and his long-time business partner, Tom Fediuk, spent 5 years studying, researching, and working in the field of regenerative medicine. It is during this time that they’ve focused on developing a new paradigm in medicine that they call “regenerative health management.” The platform – and a forthcoming book – are currently being developed and written.

Mark’s Righteous Path is helping physician-business owners understand, manage, protect, and grow their resources as they pursue their Righteous Path. He is the author of the Praxis and Impact Physician blogs, he is the author of white papers and several books, and he has lots of great clients who speak very highly of him. You can read Mark’s full Bio here.