Navigating Complexities

As a doctor, you know that medicine is very complex. Not only are there complexities that patients need to navigate, physicians-business owners must navigate and manage an entirely different set of complexities.

Given this, navigating the complexities of medicine is ultimately about finding clarity, choice, and confidence.

  • Clarity – In an age of medicine where the average amount of time spent with a physician is less than 8 minutes per visit, patients are unhappy and unsatisfied. In fact, patients no longer want to be treated only for symptoms; patients are demanding, more than ever before, that physicians treat the root causes of their patients’ ailments, maladies, or diseases. But patients are exposed to many “facts” and bits of both information and misinformation from the internet, family, friends, as well as medical professionals and insurance agents. How do they navigate this?
  • Choice – Along with this, patients are smarter – or at least better informed (or have more access to information) – than they used to be. Patients know that there are potentially better options for treatments than has been traditionally available through a medical platform that really hasn’t changed much since the 1960s. Patients want to have a choice in what their treatment options may be
  • Confidence – Patients want to spend time with, and get to know, their physician. More importantly, patients want their physician to get to know them. When a patient is actually able to make the time to schedule and keep an appointment with their physician, that patient wants their physician to understand exactly what’s going on and why they are there

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