Video Interview: Mark Aubry with University of Louisville About How the Changes in Technology are Impacting Healthcare

For his course Introduction to Communication Technology, Dr. Tomasz Fediuk, University of Louisville Business School Professor, interviews Mark Aubry, founder of Impact Physician.


The discussion was about how the changes in technology are impacting healthcare.
Some of the topics discuss in this interview:
  • How are the changes in technology impacting healthcare?
  • Machines/AI actually digansose more accurately than humans
  • The “human element” is incredibly important with technology and health care
  • Technology is always “beyond us.” Technology constantly out-distances us and what we’re able to do with it.
  • If the machines are better at diagnosing than humans, what is the role of the “human element” physician?
  • The current practice of medicine, and what is possible in medicine due to technology, is not currently convergent.
  • Patients want the efficiency of technology, but they want the relationship with a Medical Advisor and Health Manager. (This is the future of the medical profession.)
  • DIY Medicine is here (“do it yourself”) and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it. Technology actually allows for this.