Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat

The Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat is an immersive experience.

Immersive experiences are typically catalysts for breakthroughs.

But breakthroughs are only the beginning.

The Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat will remove the ordinary and the monotony of life so you can get perspective and support. This will be done to bring about lasting change. You can’t get lasting change without first experiencing a breakthrough.

Immersive experiences also help us get interventions. The Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat is designed to hep you confront reality and gain a fresh perspective – the quickest way to lasting change is to face reality.

Unfortunately, most of us have been living in denial for so long that we can’t see the truth. 

But don’t worry. 

The Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat weekend will be a safe place for you to begin the process.

But what do I get from the Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat weekend?

  • A step-by-step guide on how to practice the Art of Medicine – as a business owner – outside the Matrix of Modern Medicine
  • You’ll learn how – exactly how – to steal medicine back
  • Discuss and analyze how to adapt to the inevitable changes in the coming new medical economy.
  • Learn about the awesome opportunities for you – as a physician.
  • Overcome the limiting beliefs that keep Physicians from achieving business success
  • We’ll take a deep dive into the Future of Medicine. But this future is now.
  • You will learn how to become a Medical Advisor
  • You will learn how to make a real, lasting impact on the lives of your patients
  • You will learn how to have the quality of life that you’ve always wanted

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not; we guarantee it or you can get your money back.

To sign-up and attend the Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat, click on this link.

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