eBook: The Future of Medicine, Now

The Future of Medicine, Now: Regenerative Health Management takes an look at the field of regenerative medicine and shows how it is the future of medicine, now, and for all specialties.

In this eBook, we assert that “regenerative medicine” is about helping the body heal itself. That is, giving the body what it needs to do, or should do, naturally.

Contrary to popular belief, more and better technology is not necessarily the answer to health care issues. Yes, technology continues to offer more and better tools, but technology itself is not going to provide better health care or better the practice of medicine.

It is through relationships that physicians help patients understand, manage, protect, and better their health. Healthcare and the practice of the art of medicine will only be disrupted when a platform uses technology to enhance the patient-physician relationship. Healthcare will never be “disrupted” until the patient-physician relationship is treated as sacrosanct.

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Below are the topics covered in this book:

  1. The Power of Regenerative Medicine
  2. The Art of Medicine, built on the Science of Discovery
  3. Navigating the Complexities of Regenerative Medicine
  4. Realigning Economic Incentives
  5. What is Regenerative Health Management?
  6. What is an “Impact Physician?”
  7. The Edge: The Intersection of Science, Medicine, and Business

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