Direct Care Doctor Burnout

We are working on eventually writing a paper about Direct Care Doctor Burnout. We are planning to take the whole of 2019 to gather and compile the data/paper. The data are coming from 3 areas: message boards, individual contacts/conversations, and a survey that we’re continuing to develop.

This “burn out” I’m referring to has little to do with the medicine or the relationships that are being developed with patients.

The burn out is directly related to business issues.

Generally speaking:

  • 40% of all businesses fail in the first year.
  • 80% fail within 5 years.
  • Only 4% of all businesses survive after 10 years.

Why should this be any different when a statistically significant (99%+) number of physicians have never taken a course in economics, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, or business ownership, let alone any real training. We’re finding the above numbers to be very similar to that of the plight of the Direct Care Doctor.

Doctors are finding that the medicine is the easy part.

Doctors are finding that it’s the business side that is the most difficult and causing the burnout.