Change Does Not Come From Ideas

Before change can be made, there must first be an idea.

It is no different in starting a busienss or in trying to find and/or develop a new environment for physicians outside the Matrix of Modern Medicine.

But quite often, too much emphasis is placed on the idea.

”Oh! That’s a million dollar idea!”

But how is the idea valuable?

To be truly successful in business (or anything, really), you need to be able execute an idea. Both exectution and the idea are important. But to what degree?

Are they equally important?

Is one more important that the other?

As I’ve thought about this for years, I’ve realized that there is really no dollar amount tied to an idea. We all have ideas. We all have some good ideas and some bad ideas. Some times a good idea in one situation is actually a bad idea in a different context.

For example, the value of Henry Ford’s assembly line production was not in the fact that he came up with the idea; it is fully that he executed on that idea to lower the costs of production so more people could afford to buy his automobiles.

What about Amazon? Jeff Bezos’ idea of being the world’s largest book seller was not widely thought to be a good idea. But his execution of the idea has led to him becoming one of the world’s wealthiest people. And bringing low-cost products to the masses.

And another, almost absurd example, is the “Big Mouth Billy Bass the Singing Sensation.”

What a horrible idea!! But, someone took the idea of a singing fish on a wall mount and executed. Someone, somewhere continues to make money on this horrible idea.

It is hard to argue that the value of something is held with the idea; the value fully lies in the execution of an idea.

There is currently a lot of talk right now about physicians “fighting back” and “Stealing Medicine Back.” (“Stealing Medicine Back is one of the foundational elements for Impact Physician.)  But there does not seem to be a lot of action. Whether it’s because of fear, anger, ignorance, or arrogance – or likely some combination of these – it’s time for some action. That is, it’s time to pick an idea and exectute.

Ideas are easy; it’s the execution that’s hard.

And since humans are motivated by incentives, change only occurs on the other side of ideas.

Change only occurs after the execution of an idea.

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