About Impact Physician

Being a Physician is hard.

It’s even more difficult to be a physician-business owner who wants to combine business ownership with the art of medicine to make an impact on the world.

The perception of the physician-business owner is one of greed, high living, and exploitation of other good people. In other words, physician-business owners are seen as creating societal problems rather than providing value.

This is unfair and just plain wrong.

Impact Physicians believes that by combining business ownership with the art of medicine  they can provide both an impact in the lives of others and a profit for themselves. And both are good. This is done in a free market environment with a value-adding mindset. This has the great probability of making an impact in the lives of others.

The mission of the Impact Physician platform is to inspire doctors to become impact physicians and to provide resources for physician-business owners as they use their skills in the art of healing inside and around business ownership.

Specifically, the Impact Physician platform:

  • Advocates for free market capitalism as the system with the greatest potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people
  • Promotes the combination of business ownership and the art of medicine
  • Educates physicians on what business options they actually have
  • Celebrates impact physicians
  • Provides resources to help impact physicians navigate the complexities of business ownership by helping them underastand, manage, protect, and grow their business and personal resources