The 8 Problems with Direct Care Medicine

On occasion, we’re given the opportunity to participate with, or listen to, a group of doctors. As you likely know, there are many groups and subgroups of doctors around the country trying to figure out a “better way.” (One such group that we really like is Practicing Physicians of America.)

The Impact Physician platform believes in, and strongly promotes, freedom, liberty, and free markets. This includes freedom of choice – for both patients and physicians. It is why we do what we do on this platform.

With that, we’ve been involved in the direct care “movement” for about 6 years now.  Sometimes we’ve stood on the periphery at events and conferences and sometimes we’ve run direct care clinics. As such, we’ve been able to both observe and experience what it’s like in this emerging new world. From these observations and experiences, we’ve developed the “8 Problems with Direct Care Medicine.” 

Before we go any further, two things need to be stated clearly. The first is that direct care medicine is the way to truly fix health care. The second is that these 8 problems are for Doctors to deal with, not patients. But, if Doctors do not deal with these 8 problems, direct care medicine will be a “flash in the pan.”

  1. The expectation that EVERYONE should post their prices on their website. A lack of transparency has plagued medicine for a long time. However, there is a real difference between hiding prices and using prices as a competitive advantage. In the real business world, prices are considered part of a company’s intellectual property. The real problem comes when information is purposefully withheld from patients. As long as a patient has all of the information before they make a buying decision, then prices are transparent. It is wrong to automatically assume that if prices are not  listed on a website that they are not being transparent with their patients. This is the key: do patients get all of the information before they make a buying decision? If yes, then there is transparency with pricing.
  2. The Direct Care movement will die a slow and painful death if Doctors do not figure out how to become business people. There is a big difference between the different types of physician-business owners. You can read Advice for Physicians Who Want to Be Business Owners or you can read our eBook that is to be released in November 2018.
  3. The Direct Care movement will die a slow and painful death if Doctors do not figure out that they must be a salesperson. This is one of the major obstacles Doctors face when running their own business. You can learn more about this when we release our forthcoming eBook at the end of 2018 called Overcoming the Obstacles Keeping Physicians from Achieving Business Success. Make sure to become an Impact Physician Member to keep up on all of the new books coming out.
  4. Most Direct Care practices are not charging enough for their services. It’s not about prices; it’s about value.
  5. Most Direct Care Doctors do not realize that the direct care movement is not about prices, and neither is it about transparency with prices. Sure, lowering the cost of health care is really important. But, those who can figure out what the direct care movement is all about will still be in business 2 years from now. Here’s a hint: there are actually two main reasons for the direct care movement and one is for doctors and one is for patients.
  6. Many Direct Care Doctors do not realize it, but their attitudes toward non-direct care people is horrible. Yes, you feel free for the first time in your career. Yes, you’re truly experiencing the reasons why you become a Doctor in the first place. But, pride comes before a fall. It’s not a Rebellion. It’s a Revolution. And Revolutions require different mindsets than Rebellions.
  7. Thinking like traditional hospitals, insurance companies, and providers. You have an opportunity to be part of the “3rd Epoch of Medicine.” You have the opportunity to reshape Medicine, how it’s practiced, and how it’s received. You have the opportunity to be a physician, not just a provider.
  8. There is a fundamental lack of understanding of basic economics, finance, entrepreneurship, and what it means to be a business owner. That’s one of the reasons why we created the Impact Physician Institute. Going live in Q4 of 2018, the first course is “Introduction to Economics for Physician-Business Owners.” Become an Impact Physician Member to make sure you know when new courses are added.

If you are struggling with any of these, or would simply like to have a conversation about how to make your business better, schedule a free, no obligation phone call with us. Click here to send us a message.

The future of medicine is at the intersection of science, medicine, and business. If you don’t realize that the future of medicine is being built on all three legs, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

If you are part of the Direct Care movement, Welcome to the Revolution.

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