Idea – Execution Matrix

As a follow-up to last week’s blog post, Change Does Not Come From Ideas I thought I’d share the following “Idea-Exectuion Matrix.”

I found this matrix online, circa 2005. I don’t remember where I first came accross this. It’s not perfect, but shows how ideas are multipliers and gives a potential future value when an idea is combined with a certain level of execution.

What’s the potential value of your idea?

*An idea is a multiplier of execution


Awful Idea = -1

Weak Idea = 1

So-So Idea = 5

Good Idea = 10

Great Idea = 15

Brilliant Idea = 20

$ Value

No Execution = $1.00

Weak Execution = $1,000

So-So Execution = $10,000

Good Execution = $100,000

Great Execution = $1,000,000

Brilliant Execution = $10,000,000


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