Save the Physician, Save the World?

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy

From September of 2006 through February of 2010, there was a science fiction series on America television called Heroes.

The series was about how ordinary humans discovered they had superhuman abilities and how these characters dealt with the changes – in both their abilities and how differently they were treated when people knew they had these abilities. The main theme of the entire first season was “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.” Everyone seemed to know that if they could keep this one cheerleader safe, then the world would be safe.

I thought of the “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” mantra when, over the course of the last year or so, I began using the phrase “Save the Physician, Save the World.”

I believed that this was necessary given the statistics. (You know them; it’s really bad for Physicians right now.) 

And yet, pretty much every organization out there that has anything to do with medicine and/or healthcare is talking about how we need to take better care of the patient.

Everyone wants patient safety. It’s like a mathematical or scientific constant: it’s a given.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s great that everyone is so helpful to the patients.

But, we’re silently killing the physician while we’re trying to engage the patient.  This even includes some physicians.

(Not Impact Physician, of course, but society as a whole.)

Here is one thing that needs to come to the front and center: you’re not going to save the patient by killing the physician. The “provider” mindset is like a virus that has taken over the dying body of the physician.

Save the physician, save the patient, save the world. In that order.

Ok, well, maybe not the world, but we must start heading in this direction.

As I said above, and as you already know, it’s really bad for Doctors right now.

It’s no wonder Doctors are leaving the profession. There are some doctors who are leaving because they believe that they can make more of an impact NOT being a doctor. That’s sad.

It’s been said that identifying a problem is over 80% of the solution. 

This is why most people don’t know what to do; they don’t really understand their own problem.

This is where coaching comes into play.

This is why Impact Physician offers both a coaching platform and a consulting platform.

Here’s what I mean:

There is “coaching” and then there is “consulting.” They are two very different ideas and platforms.

We describe our coaching platform as an advisory platform. More specifically, we help our coaching clients to define their problem.

An Impact Coach is a problem-definer.

An Impact Consultant is a problem-solver.

Many physicians and physician-business owners, after working with a consultant, feel more confused and alone than before. That’s because they thought they had hired a consultant, when instead they were working with an advisor – a problem-definer – rather than a problem solver. Or vice versa.

A really good coach is going to help you see things long before you’re even thinking about them. 

A really good coach is going to help you either a) build a plan, or b) at least prepare you to build a plan.

A really good consultant is a problem-solver that is going to help you implement the plan that you build.

What is it that you really want? 

Have you defined your problem that needs to be solved? 

I know that most people don’t…but if you were to pay attention to the flight attendant during the pre-flight instructions, you would know that, if there were to ever be a need to use the oxygen masks, you are to put your own mask on first before you help anyone else.

Physician, heal thyself.  

When are you going to start putting on your own mask first?

Save the Physician, save the world? 

Maybe it’s better to have a mindset like this:

Save the Physician in you, save your own world. Then you can truly make an impact on those around you.

Save the Physician, Save your World.


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