4 Types of Physician-Business Owners (3 of 3)

What started as a conversation turned into an idea for a blog post. As I began writing that blog post, I had a couple of other conversations. The original idea has now turned into an eBook.

With that, I am going to introduce the topic as the promised 3rd part in a series of 3 blog posts about leaving The Matrix of Modern Medicine. (Here is part 1: Physician, Red Pill Thyself, and part 2: Finding Life Outside the Matrix)

Without a lot of fanfare or explanation for how we arrived here (you can get this background information in the eBook that we plan to release as a free download late in 2018), here are the 4 Types of Physician-Business Owners:

  • Physician as CEO
  • Physician as Entrepreneur
  • Physician as Investor
  • Impact Capitalist

What determines which kind of Physician-Business Owner you are, or can become, depends upon the following formula:

Mindset + Skill Set + Resources = one of the 4 Types of Physician-Business Owners.

Which one are you?

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