Helping Physicians Navigate the Business of Medicine

Video: Has Medicine Been Stolen?

Physicians, not Providers

Impact Physician offers a leading-edge educational and training platform to help physicians - real physicians, not providers - navigate the business of medicine.

About Impact Physician

In a world where most talk about disrupting healthcare by increasing the use of technology...

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Impact Physician FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Q. I already have my own practice. Can I still become an...

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Impact Physician Services

Impact Physician Workshop & Retreat – This is an intense 2.5 day workshop & retreat that...

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Resources for Impact Physicians

In a world where most talk about disrupting healthcare by increasing the use of technology and patient engagement apps, few understand and discuss the actual BUSINESS of being a physician. Fewer still (if any) advocate for a better quality of life for Physicians…WE DO.

Impact Workshop & Retreat

Attend the Impact Workshop & Retreat do I get from the Impact Workshop & Retreat weekend?A step-by-step guide on how to practice the Art...

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Has Medicine Been Stolen? Has Medicine been stolen? Do you believe Medicine has been stolen? Who Stole Medicine? Has the business of Medicine been Stolen? If you’re looking for...

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Click here to Subscribe to the Impact Physician Newsletter We are actively writing and editing ebooks to help doctors transition from being merely “providers” to...

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A Real Opportunity for Real Physicians Ultimately, a real physician must first choose themselves before they can escape the Matrix of Modern Medicine. You must choose to transform your life...

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The Value of Medical Advice

There is a movement toward patient-focused medical advice. Real Physicians, not Providers, play a vital role - as a Medical Advisor - in helping patients pursue their health and life goals.

Impact Physicians will be leaders in this movement.

Are you a real Physician that’s ready to take control of your life?