New Health Economy Leaders: Conversations

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The New Health Economy

There is a New Health Economy that has been developing - and thriving - and it's here to stay. The New Health Economy is outside the system of what many think of as "traditional" medical and health care; but it is NOT "alternative" medicine. Yes, the New Health Economy is a REAL alternative to the current system - the Matrix of Modern Medicine.

New Health Economy Leaders: Conversations

This is why we created the New Health Economy Virtual Summit and you are invited. You can view The New Health Economy Summit for FREE from the comfort of your own home, office, or local coffee shop.

The New Health Economy Virtual Summit will show you:

    • How to begin to understand the New Health Economy, what it is, and how you can be part of it
    • How health workers are incentivized to develop and maintain REAL relationships with Patients
    • Treatments and therapies that are being designed to actually help the body heal itself
    • The importance of education and training in the New Health Economy rather than simply getting information 
    • What Patients are really looking for from their health workers – and it’s probably not what you think
    • How “health insurance” is a dinosaur and what people are doing about it
    • How to make a real impact in the lives of Patients
    • How to give yourself the freedom and quality of life you’ve always dreamed possible
    • And much more

Featured Speakers:

  • Mark Aubry – Founder/CEO of two companies (RHM/Impact Health)  that specialize in working with Physicians and Patient Care.
  • Dr. Ian White (PhD) – Founder/CSO of Neobiosis 
  • Joseph Krieger (MA) – founder of Boston Biolife 
  • Dr. Tony Dale – founder and Chairman of Sedera.
  • Dr. Jared Wallen (MD, MBA) – the Physician-entrepreneur
  • Dr. Victoria Mondloch (MD) – Physician, author, media personality 
  • Dr. Benjamin Arthur
  • Ken Jaques
  • Dr. Henry “Jake” Johnston
  • Dr. Leah Houston 
  • Dr. Brian Dixon
  • Dr. Tomasz Fediuk
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