Direct Care Doctor Burnout?

We are working on eventually writing a paper about Direct Care Doctor Burnout. We are planning to take the whole of 2019 to gather and compile the data/paper. The data are coming from 3 areas: message boards, individual contacts/conversations, and a survey that we’re continuing to develop. This “burn out” I’m referring to has little […]

Idea – Execution Matrix

As a follow-up to last week’s blog post, Change Does Not Come From Ideas I thought I’d share the following “Idea-Exectuion Matrix.” It’s not perfect, but it shows how ideas are multipliers and gives a potential future value when an idea is combined with a certain level of execution. What’s the potential value of your idea? […]

Change Does Not Come From Ideas

Before change can be made, there must first be an idea. It is no different in starting a busienss or in trying to find and/or develop a new environment for physicians outside the Matrix of Modern Medicine. But quite often, too much emphasis is placed on the idea. ”Oh! That’s a million dollar idea!” But […]

Regenerative Health Management and Why Does It Matter?

Regenerative health management is the active, on-going process of helping the body heal itself. This process considers the regenerative properties of the human body, not simply a checklist of therapies, drugs, or surgeries. Unfortunately, the relatively new field of regenerative medicine is already falling into the old traps of checklists and high priced surgeries. What’s […]